Getting Rid of Our Stuff – Garage Sale or eBay?

They said…

He said…I know many people who like garage sales – my parents for example – and flea markets. Mariel and I are not those people.  We see no need to go buy someone else’s used stuff.

She said…Every Sunday we are regaled by Shannon’s mom with a show of the finds from the forays into garage sale bargain wonderland.  Most of the time we silently roll our eyes and chalk up one more piece of stuff we will have to deal with later.  Granted, all of it is a great bargain and they seem to enjoy it!

He said…Which seems to make us a set of hypocrites because we’re trying to get rid of all of OUR stuff by selling it to other people! Go figure. But how else are we supposed to empty out the house before we sell it?  We don’t want to store most of it (Mariel would say “any” of it). 

She said…except maybe a small box of refrigerator magnets marking our travels thus far and some family photos: hardly fodder for a storage locker.  That little box may even fit in the RV!

He said…We have found that some of our family wants some of our things. So we’re giving away many items which have sentimental value to people who will appreciate them.

She said…At least we’re not spending money on Christmas and birthdays for a while!  We have tried the online garage sale route on Facebook and really didn’t like it at all.

He said…But what about the rest it?

Guess we’ll need to do a regular garage sale or two anyway.  Unfortunately, we don’t expect decent prices on some of the collections we have.  Back in the day I was collecting the limited edition gaming tokens – I probably won’t get anything near what they’re worth.  And Mariel’s mom had a collection of Lenox birds, we likely won’t get much for those either…

We’ve decided to sell most of everything at two garage sales (our first will be in the Spring). Until then, we’re making a huge pile in the shop downstairs!

Pile of Stuff for the Garage Sale

She said…Right now the pile consists of bedding and towels, some kitchen stuff , and lots of books.  Feels like kind of a lopsided inventory, so we need to do an across the board purging this winter.

I’m still toying with the idea of advertising the event as a combo garage/estate sale.  people who are interested can come inside and look at art, rugs, pots and baskets.  This way we can get a feel for the market and see if we can get some decent money for our more valuable stuff, or if we have to go the estate sale route.  I’m wary of that 40-60% commission.

He said…The more precious items, we’re trying to sell on eBay. But we’re going slowly.  I used to sell lots of things on eBay more than a decade ago and had a pretty good feedback rating. But it was so long ago, we’ve decided to start up a new account.

She said…Much of the time it feels to me like we aren’t doing enough to get ready for our full-time RV launch.  We are getting along so nicely without that pile of stuff in the shop, and with the exception of the library in the loft, the house doesn’t feel any emptier.  With all of our outside activities, it has been easy to settle back into living in the present.

It’s time to double down and kick some purging butt!

3 thoughts on “Getting Rid of Our Stuff – Garage Sale or eBay?

  1. I feel the same way about Craigslist and the online garage sales. Such a pain to drive all the way into town to deliver some dumb little thing. Don’t want a lot of people coming by the house all the time either. Although we are ten miles out of town, we still get a fair amount of traffic for garage sales. Maybe the extra distance will filter out some of the lookie-loos and get us some serious buyers. I’m always unrealistically optimistic about these things!

    1. Some stuff sells and some stuff – not so much. But, I think we’re making more money selling the collectibles on eBay than we’d be able to get at a garage sale. It just takes a little more effort.

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