Teaching a Cat to Walk on a Leash

He said…

We expect that we’ll still have two of our pets when we start our full time RVing: Maybe (our corgidor (part corgi part labrador)) and Elsie (our cat).  We have another cat, Suma, that will likely take up residence with mom.

Just like Mariel and I will learn how to live in an RV, our animals will also have to learn some new tricks. This blog today is all about Elsie (in my head it’s LC for “loud cat”, “lazy cat”, etc.).

Elsie on a leash
Elsie on a leash

Currently, we let Elsie out in our fenced in garden about once a day for a couple hours or more. Not only that, we have a cat door leading to a screened in porch and another leading to a cat enclosure that she uses throughout the day. Yes we spoil the cat!

That got us thinking, how are we going to be able to deal with her meowing once we’re in an RV?  The Wynns (of www.gonewiththewynns.com) have a cat that they just let wander around (and can be seen doing so in several of their videos).  I’m not so sure ours is savvy enough to know not to run off!

So, we’ve decided to “clothe” her in a harness (she seems to be putting up with that with little animosity towards us).  And, we’ve decided to try to start walking her to the garden instead of carrying her down there!

Today was the first day.  Not good.  A cat on a leash is a bit of an oxymoron. Basically Elsie just stood there and didn’t move.  So I pulled on the leash a little bit and she fell over like she was shot.  Eventually, I got her back on her feet after much consternation (she hissed at me a few times).  And started tugging on the leash some more.  Eventually I was able to drag  walk her to the garden.

The return trip a couple hours later was even more interesting. After one pull on the leash she went down again like a drunk who tripped over a curb. I decided to try a different tack.  I stood her up and start pushing her butt to get her to walk in the right direction.  Well, that worked as well as pushing a wet noodle across the floor (in other words – NOT).

So, day one – cat training – not good.  But we’ll keep trying… as long as the cat doesn’t smother us in our sleep!

4 thoughts on “Teaching a Cat to Walk on a Leash

  1. will she come to the rattle of like a treat can? Maybe one of you inside rattling the can, while she is supposed to be coming in?? Bailey would come to the rattle of the treat can way before he would if I called him!!!

    1. That’s a good idea; will try it the next time. Normally when we rattle the snack can she runs and jumps to a place in our office where we usually give her the treats.

  2. My mom recently attempted to get her cat, Jack, to walk on a leash. The cat was having none of it! She eventually got a cat stroller so when Jack decides she wants to get in the stroller, at her own leisure of course, they take walks that way! Good luck!

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