A Foot in the Present

She said…

When I sit down and read all of the blogs I follow, I love all of the wonderful pictures of the places people go and the things they see.  I get a little pushed over into the future, wishing I could be there now instead of dealing with all the stuff we have to do before we are ready to launch.

This morning Shannon and I took Maybe (“Maybe” is our dog) out on a 1.4 mile hike in the world beyond our back yard.  It is the longest I’ve been able to go since my foot surgery in May, and I did the whole thing walking “correctly”, paying attention to every step (that will keep you present!).

Out our back door.
Out our back door.

Our walk this morning gave me cause to stop and be grateful; for our home, our views (even when occluded by west coast wildfire smoke), our silly dog, each other, and the very big fact that we don’t have to spend the next 20 months living in a city or a crowded neighborhood.  We are indeed blessed!

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