A Mouse in Our House!

She said…

First of all, my apologies to anyone who has tried to read this blog and been left hanging.  I have been having a contentious morning with WordPress: I swear I am saving my musings as a draft, and it keeps showing up as published.  Not helpful is Shannon’s solicitous comment, “It’s Ok honey. I’m sure the computer is making stupid mistakes.”

Secondly, Shannon has pointed out that whoever buys our house better not read our blog, and as I think back, I realize that mostly we complain about the stuff that’s wrong with our house.  Let me set the record straight; we love our house.  It has been a wonderful place to live for the last 13 years.  We have filled it with love and laughter.  I think the negativity comes from dealing with all the stuff we have to do to get it ready for sale.  It’s important to remember that we live in the country, and as wonderful as that lifestyle is, we do put up with certain things, like mice (Shannon says: and spiders, and goat heads and tumble weeds, and the occasional snake).

So, in spite of all of the steel wool in all (apparently most) of the openings from the crawl space, lots of traps, and poison judiciously placed so that Elsie the Cat can’t get to it, if you sit very quietly in our kitchen, sometimes you can hear the squeaky little demons having a party under the cabinets.  We are used to coming downstairs in the morning to find some or all of the kitchen cabinets standing open and stuff spread out on the floor.

Hunting Ground
Hunting Ground

Pretty sure the mice weren’t pushing the doors open from the inside! I used to think that Elsie was just entertaining herself while her humans were recharging, but now I know she was hunting.  We have assured her that she can continue on her mission to rid the world of vermin when we move into the RV full time!

This morning Shannon decided to tackle the problem head on.  He emptied out everything from under the sink and the adjacent cabinets, and actually did find the remains of a mousy celebration.  In the process he left me with a dilemma: which of these casserole dishes do I use now and which of them will I need in the RV?  I was immediately overcome with memories of my mother and so decided that today was not the day to tackle this one.

A Plethora of Casserole Dishes
A Plethora of Casserole Dishes

Three Days Later. . .

In spite of a busy weekend, I have been troubled by casserole dishes in my dreams.  I can see that dishes are going to be a big hurdle for me.  I have cobalt blue Fiesta Ware that we use daily.  I also have a really cool set of Franciscan Ware that was my mom’s; white with raised shell patterns.

Dish Cupboard
Dish Cupboard: We use the bottom shelf. The rest are just in case!

I don’t use those much, maybe because they’re on the second shelf, maybe because I like to look at them more than I like actually eating off of them.  And as to casserole dishes, I hardly ever use any of them!  So I’m thinking I can live without all of them.

See?  Having mice underneath my cupboards has actually led me one step closer to the final purge of my kitchen!

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    1. Hi Kathy, I started off doing that and had two stacks. Actually, some of the ones in the pic are stacked. But I really don’t cook that way since Shannon is not a big leftover guy! We don’t anticipate changing much about the way we do stuff, just doing it in a smaller space!

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