One Minor Worry Down

He said…

One of the first things I did when we thought about living in an RV full time was come up with a proposed budget.  I knew that once we went there, we would no longer be working at our current jobs. Mariel would have to give up her two jobs at the church and her part time substitute teaching and I’d have to give up teaching at the college. This meant that we’d be relying solely on my military retirement and Mariel’s social security. There’s not a lot of extra income in the budget.

Now the military retirement and full social security is nothing to sneeze at. We’re looking at about $2500 a month or more. And, since the majority of the budget is in campground fees, it just means that we might need to do more boondocking (dry camping) to reduce that cost.

Over the last few months I’ve been hoping in a deep secret place that I might be able to keep teaching at the college. See, I’ve been teaching there since 2003 and have been teaching online courses there for about that long as well.  As a matter of fact, I typically teach one or two online classes each semester!  So, couldn’t I teach some of those online classes while travelling in the RV?  I know the answer is yes from my perspective; but I wasn’t sure what the college would think about it.

My current office is inside here; my future office will be in my RV!
My current office is inside here; my future office will be in my RV!
Well, at our pre-semester meeting last week, I finally asked the question of our department’s class scheduler. And, lo and behold, she doesn’t see any problems with me continuing to teach once we get on the road!  YAHOO!  Another grand or so a month income.

This definitely reduces one of my concerns over the last few months!

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  1. Shannon, that is awesome! Do you livestream your classes, or do you upload them as a video? Just thinking how bad campground wifi can be for streaming live. There are ways to solve that issue, if it is an issue. is a huge resource in that arena.


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