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Where the Heck Have I been?  Well, the literal answer to that question is “right here all the time”, but my heart and my mind have seemingly been somewhere else.  In some circles this would be called “writer’s block”, but since my livelihood is not dependent on spewing verbiage, I prefer to say that I have just been MIA and leave it at that.

Shannon and I were just laughing about the fact that when we started this blog we were each going to do three blogs per week!  My last post was July 13th, and when I read other full-time RV blogs I look forward to the time I can just look out the window and write about where I am, but for now I am still trying to “Live in the waiting, live with less, and live differently” and sometimes that just does not touch the writer’s soul in me.

Even though we are still climbing back from the financial slowdown left by medical bills from my surgery in May and dental bills from two crowns in June and July, it’s not like there hasn’t been anything going on.

July 23-25th we had a wonderful visit from my sister and her husband, who live in Ojai, CA.  They had been to Greeley, CO to help my niece, who teaches at UNC, to move into a temporary new home.  Shannon’s birthday was on the 26th, so we all spent Friday in Durango, CO to celebrate.  (We are just 4 miles south of the Colorado border and Durango is our “Date Night” destination.) Shannon’s sister Teri joined us.

Why did the chicken cross the road?
Why did the chicken cross the road? Sign on wall at James Ranch store.

We had lunch at Harvest Grill at James Ranch, which is north of Durango and a new 5 star recommendation from us.  Basically a hamburger stand and a bunch of picnic tables in a field, but the burgers and salads were amazing, as were the cheese, the baked goods and the ice cream, and the field is overlooking pastures and a lake.  There are free-range chickens wandering around the grounds, and everything they serve and sell is produced right there at the ranch.  The family staffs the shops and the restaurant and the service is exceptionally friendly.  There is a walking tour of the ranch and a wagon tour by reservation.

Honeyville, Durango
Honeyville, Durango

Across the highway and a bit south is Honeyville.  They have remodeled and expanded since I had last been there, and now there are glass doors where you can look right in to their production facilities.  You can see the tunnels where the bees fly in and out of the building.  We did a little mead tasting and found a wonderful apricot jalapeno jam to bring home.  Then it was off to downtown Durango to share my favorite shopping spots with my sis.  A wonderful day!

The following weekend Shannon and I headed south to Santa Fe.  We stayed with our dear friends, Gordon and Jay, who used to live in Santa Fe full time, but now just come back from New York for the Opera Season.

When I lived in Santa Fe (1982-2002) I was always working too hard to enjoy the things everybody visits Santa Fe to see.  Even though we are not big party people, we went to a birthday party on Thursday night for a man who collects vintage posters and it was fun to see the artwork and to do a little people watching.

Mariel & Shannon K. Looking At Beads
Mariel & Shannon K. Looking At Beads at Peyote Bird

On Friday, Shannon’s niece Shannon K. came up from Albuquerque to hang out with us and our friends Gordon and Jay, of Gorjayous Jewelry, who took us to a wholesale bead store where Gordon and I both found lots of treasures.

We then had lunch at Jinja (4 star recommendation), and Jay and Gordon split to run some errands while the two Shannons and I headed off to take care of a little business downtown and on Canyon Road.  I took the opportunity to save a little on postage and hand delivered some belt orders to my store, and we visited Andrea Fisher Pottery – a wonderful pottery store downtown to see if they would like to consign my modest collection of Casas Grande pots.  Unfortunately, they are overstocked with lots of new inventory and so passed on my pots.

Purse I made for my Mom!
Purse I made for my Mom!
The manager of the store remembered me from Canyon Road and asked if I had any carved leather bags for sale.  While I only do belts now, I do have this bag I made for my mom years ago, so I may have found a home for at least one of my treasures. When I cleaned the purse out to photograph it, it still had tissue and Ricola in it, two things we could always count on mom to have in her purse!

The last and hardest thing, and maybe the reason we have both been so preoccupied.  Yesterday we had to send two of our beloved children, our 15 year old Pi dog and our sweet kitty Tasha, to the bridge in the sky.  Our local animal shelter does a wonderful job of this.

Pi on Railing - 2003
Pi on Railing – 2003

Pi got a last ride in the back of the truck, and Kelly from the shelter came out and gave him his shot in the truck so he didn’t have to navigate steps and strange places.

Sleeping Tasha - 2007
Sleeping Tasha – 2007

We had to take Tasha inside and they put a soft pink blanket on the steel table.  She has been having lots of trouble keeping food down and so was quite dehydrated.  Shannon and I went out for ice cream therapy at Vanilla Moose afterwards.  Even though we knew it was coming it is still one of the hardest things we have to do as pet parents.

And so, now I will endeavor to get back on track, to do something  (realistically) every week to further our goal of being on the road full time.  21 months to go!

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    1. Thanks, Jim and Diana, for your kind thoughts. We are down to 1 med dog and 1 kitty now, probably perfect for the lifestyle. But even though Shannon is in his “never again” phase (Tasha was his special girl) I can see another kitty in our future

  1. Hi there! Thoroughly enjoyed your post, and my heart goes out to you..
    So sorry for your great losses of your sweet animals!! We can sure relate..and I do think it is the hardest thing about being pet parents.
    Hubby Dan and I have just started RV Ing full time. (now in WA & loving it! Loving your blog too! Please keep writing! ….Michelle T.

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