Well, It’s a Start

She said…

If you follow us regularly, you know that I have spent the last almost 8 weeks recovering from foot surgery, five weeks totally non-weight bearing, the rest in a walking boot.  Well, yesterday I regained my freedom and my mobility, and of course proceeded to do entirely too much standing work and my foot swelled up beyond recognition.  So today I am wearing a compression stocking and it’s much better.  I was going to paint a happy face on my foot and take a picture of it for this blog, but couldn’t find anything in this artist’s haven but permanent Sharpie markers, so I’ll just let you imagine my gigglin’ digits!

One of my frustrations over the last two months has been the forced inactivity. When Shannon and I decided to sell it all and go full-time RVing I promised myself that I would do something every day to further that goal. Over the last two months there have been days and even weeks during which NOTHING HAS HAPPENED!!!

Loft: before
Loft: before

So, yesterday I tackled the first project on my list: the loft. I want to get all of our books packed up and garage sale ready so I can start working on walls and trim and the railing in this area. There were lots of books on the floor because of a skylight leak (fixed) and this room has become a catch-all for lots of stuff that has nowhere else to live.

linen cupboard
Linen cupboard: there is a giant garbage bag of sheets and towels garage sale bound!
loft after
First clean corner!

Yesterday I worked until I couldn’t stand up anymore, and today I finished the first corner!

My great grand mother's quilt, stored away for close to 15 years.
My great grand mother’s quilt, stored away for close to 15 years.

There were also some treasures rediscovered:
My great grandmother started this quilt in February of 1934 and finished it in July of 1935. It has been in storage in the linen cupboard for over 15 years. I used to live in a house with room to hang it, but it has been folded ever since. Not good for it, I’m afraid, but it seems to have survived quite nicely.

My mother used to tell a story about how my great grandmother used to have women over for quilting bees and then would stay up all night to take out the work that didn’t meet her rigid quality control.  Her name was Lulu, but when I was learning to talk all that I could manage was Gongi. Everybody called her Gongi till the day she died.

Some relatives of Shannon’s were visiting from Texas last week. Shannon’s cousins bid on storage lockers at auctions, and so have an interesting take on other people’s stuff. They asked us what we would do if we sold everything and then decided that full-time RVing wasn’t for us.  I said that I guessed we’d have to buy more stuff. I since have re-thought that answer, mostly inspired by the way that linen cupboard looks and the 33 gallon trash bag full of towels and sheets that we don’t need. If we don’t need it in our full-time RV life, why would we need it in our stick and brick log home? This feels so good!

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