Composting Toilet – Ewwww?

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Nature's Head Composting Toilet
Nature’s Head Composting Toilet

Hadn’t really thought about the toilet in an RV before other than “is there enough room to get around in the bathroom.” That changed once I watched a video by Gone With The Wynns (and then I watched all of their videos concerning their composting toilet).  It turns out that they have had two motorhomes and have put Nature’s Head toilet in both of them.

Our initial response was, “Ewwww.” and “That’s gotta smell!” Apparently that is everyone’s first thoughts.  But, after doing some quick research on the Internet, it seems that these are not real concerns to the owners.   Hmmmm…. so what’s the advantages?

Well, from what I can see/read, you don’t have to deal with the emptying the black water tank (the sewage tank for you non-RVers). This would need to be done between 3-7 days.  That’s not a whole lot of good boondocking (aka dry camping or camping without utilities like water, sewer, or electrical connections) time if you have breakdown the camp to drive to town to dump the tank.

It turns out that a composting toilet is good for about 60 uses (of going number two).  Do the math – and you can see a couple of people can go at least a couple of weeks before having to change out the peat moss/coconut coir (check out the Wynns’ videos to see how these things actually work).  What’s even better is that you still do NOT have to break camp after that time; you just empty the toilet’s compost area and fill it up with more moss/coir.

Since one of the biggest expenses with full time RVing is the campground fees, being able to boondock longer can save us big time for our budget.  Or we can stay in campgrounds at the cheaper sites that don’t have a sewer connection!

Now, before you go and say “Eww” do a little research.  You might be surprised!

Now all we gotta do is save up the money for it – it ain’t exactly cheap at over $900.

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    1. Click on the Gone With The Wynns link in the first paragraph and then look for “composting toilet” just above the pictures on their website under the “RVin” heading. There are eight videos/articles.

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