She Said…

Ready for my final thoughts on online garage saling:

  1. My stuff is obviously worth a whole lot more to me than to anybody out there on line.  The friend who told me that you could get more for stuff online than at a regular garage sale is either extremely lucky or has extremely low expectations.  Qualifier: I am not a garage sale shopper so I don’t really have a baseline to compare to.
  2. You have to babysit the computer.  I know that some people do this anyway, but I tended to get compulsive about it, and then when there was no response I tended to be disappointed.  I don’t need to be injecting intentional mood swings into my life!
  3. We live 9 miles away from the nearest town.  If there’s some serious coin in it for me I will get in the car and drive to wherever to deliver something.  I’m not happy about having to drive 20 miles to deliver a $15 set of flatware.

20150622_112152So, while this might work for the occasional higher ticket item (although I have a new Food Saver food sealer listed for $100 while you can get the same thing used on Amazon for $125: no nibbles) I can’t see using this for coffee mugs and dish towels.  And when we do have the big final blowout garage sale we will have some nice stuff to sell amidst all those coffee mugs and dish towels.

Mariel’s Garage Sale Theory: You have to do it to primarily get rid of stuff rather than to make money.  If you do it all in one day and you sell enough stuff for a buck, then you have $100 in your hand.

So, since our goal is to be free of stuff and full-time RVing by May 2017, and since the final garage sale is a little less than two years away, I am clearing an area in the garage and starting to box stuff up.  Since I don’t anticipate a big change in the market between now and then, I am pricing stuff before I box it. When the big day comes we will take multiple flat bed loads of already boxed and priced stuff (I have to remember that is is just stuff and not Christmas) in to my sis-in-law’s house in town.  She has graciously offered her better location location location.  So, masking tape and sharpie in hand, we have decided to take the more traditional route to clearing our house of stuff.

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