Online Garage Sale: Plan B

She said…

I had asked a young friend of ours to help out with our purging project by listing some of our stuff on Facebook Garage Sale.  Thought to help her out with a bit of a summer job and motivate me to stay on track.  Last week Grace and her mom came by the house and picked up her first load of stuff to list. When I saw them at church on Sunday, Grace confessed that she had bitten off more than she could chew for the summer, and although she was worried about disappointing me, she would have to back out.  I asked her if she would still like to come over and help me for an hour each week with shredding and organizing, and she agreed.

Three out of four file boxes done!

So today, in one hour, Grace and I reduced 4 file boxes of old orders from my business, some with credit card info, to one giant trash bag and one box left to shred.  We would have done more, but the shredder kept overheating.

file boxes
This much stuff gone today!

I also went through 9 file boxes of personal and business records and relegated all of them to the trash.  Shannon asked me if I thought the help was worth the $10 I paid Grace, and I think it definitely is, since if she hadn’t been here I wouldn’t have done any of it.  Next week we’ll start sorting books!

Now, for the Garage Sale.  Shannon gave me a quick tutorial on the ins and outs of the Facebook Garage Sale system.  I have joined three groups, and have four posts up on the first one.  Not so hard, and if it works we can do this as we go instead of saving stuff up for one giant dreaded yard sale at the end.  We’ll see how it goes!

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    1. So far nothing. I’m not a garage saler, so when someone told me I could do better online than at a real garage sale I guess I forgot to ask how much better. I think I price my stuff too high, so will have to play with this for a while till I get it right. Maybe focus needs to be getting rid of stuff rather than making money?

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