The Joy of Gifting

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Shannon wrote yesterday about his unreasonable attachment to two US Navy mugs.  I told him that even though he may not have enjoyed being in the US Navy, it was still a significant part of his life.  He said that sounded like something a psychologist would say.  Nice to know all that college education isn’t going to waste!  Also glad to note that this stuff attachment thing even happens to the best of us.  I am so grateful that we have given ourselves two years to get ready to go on the road full time.

Last week our church secretary was in my office and was admiring an art print I had hanging there, so I asked her if she had a place to hang it and she said yes.  (This is the second piece I’ve gifted out of my office.  I’ve mentioned before how I believe it is important to ask permission to gift your stuff.)  It is now hanging over her fireplace.  She and her husband are thrilled and I know that a special piece of mine is now giving pleasure to someone I love.

Because we have a goal and a timeline, I’m finding that I can be spontaneous and generous in my gifting as we go.  If we were waiting till the last minute I think it would be much more traumatic, like ripping the band aid off instead of sneaking it off a little at a time.  I’m really starting to enjoy this part.

The book disposal staging area.

One thing to research thoroughly before you try it…Shannon listed a few of our art/history/coffee table books on Amazon, thinking we could get more for them there than on the Facebook Garage Sale.  We sold one for $11 plus shipping.  After Amazon extracted their fee we made about $7.  Pretty good.  The second one we sold for $3 plus shipping and by the time Amazon took their fee we actually lost  40 cents, plus we have to drive into town to ship it.  We’ve decided Amazon isn’t worth the hassle.  Facebook Garage Sale is looking pretty good!

I see that another ramification of getting rid of my stuff is, what happens if all my cool stuff is only cool to me?  What happens if nobody else wants it?

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  1. I think about the same things my goals to go full time in 10 year(55),

    But I recently sold my 3 bedroom 2 car garage/ full basement house and moved into a 1 bedroom condo no garage to start me on my way to save more money and downsize.

    I did not get rid of enough stuff and using Facebook and Craigslist to sell more stuff, its pain full and time consuming, but when I read your blog and others it helps to keep me motivated, 10 years and counting 8/25

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