Emotional Attachment to Stuff?

He Said…

Okay, now I’m being weird!

Mariel and I are trying to get rid of everything (or at least greatly reduce the stuff) we own so that we can sell the house in a couple years and then live in an RV full time.  If you’ve read her last blog article you’ll know that we’ve started selling our stuff.  So I decided to help her out some.

Coffee Mugs
How many mugs do two people really need?

I decided to empty out one of the kitchen cabinets of our coffee mugs in the hope that we could sell them too. I mean we have a lot. What you see in the picture isn’t even all of them! But here’s the odd thing.  We seem to be emotionally attached to some of these mugs and are having a bit of a resistance to getting rid of some of them.

A couple in particular are my navy mugs.  I have two mugs (one from the USS Lapon and another from the USS Seawolf) that I got while serving on those two submarines.  They have my name, rank, and rating (at the time I was serving on board) imprinted on them.  Now if you know me much at all, you know that I really disliked my career and the navy in general. So, why do I care about these stupid pieces of ceramic?  I don’t like what they represent — several years of my life doing a job I pretty much detested.

It doesn’t stop there, I also have a small box of stuff from my past.  One of the items in that box is a notebook of assignments from one of my high school classes.  The biology class was taught by a Mr. Jonas and he had us keep all of our assignments in a notebook.  I still have that notebook – THIRTY FIVE years later!  Now, I really enjoyed that class; but really now… it’s a bunch of papers that I look at about every ten years.  Why am I saving it?  It’s not like I have children (or anyone else) that will want to savor my educational history when I’m dead.

I’m sure some psychologist/psychic/psycho (aren’t they all the same thing) will have an answer to that; but what these thoughts have pointed out to me is “get over it.”  So, I’ll be throwing away and/or selling these inanimate objects.  They are not what matters – what matters is living my life in the now with my lovely wife.

3 thoughts on “Emotional Attachment to Stuff?

  1. Once it is gone, you will probably forget about it. We saved a couple of mugs total that meant something to us. Most the time, we are drinking from travel mugs anyway. 🙂

    I know what you mean about the old memories…especially since we don’t have kids either. Who is going to want them? Purging was tough, but we don’t miss any of it. 🙂


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