The First Facebook Garage Sale

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I woke up this morning to the sound of vacuuming, so odd since the vacuumer is the one who always gives me such a hard time about pre-cleaning!  My young friend Grace and her mom are coming up this morning to do the first post on Facebook Garage Sale.  My goal is to have her here once weekly to do an hour of organizing, shredding, packing, etc. and then give her at least $100 worth of stuff to research, list and sell.  She will get 10% of whatever she sells.  That way she will get at least $20/week which should make this worth her while.

Well, before I could even get downstairs, Shannon was cleaning out the garage into the great room, so I kindly reminded him that we have two years to do this; it doesn’t have to happen all in the first week!  I think after a month of sitting around waiting to heal and too much rain to work outside we are both anxious to make some progress toward our goal. I know that at one point I had said that I wanted to do something every day, but sometimes that just isn’t practical.

First Facebook Garage Sale
First Facebook Garage Sale

So, we are starting Grace off with bang: a set of golf clubs (with bag, balls and tees), a used once food sealer, 2 pottery vessels full of kitchen utensils, a complete set of melamine flatware with serving pieces, and a bag of new and slightly used dish towels.  I’m hoping this should all net around $250-$300.

Loft before
Loft: Before

Next week we are going to start working on books, as the loft/library is the first area I want to start working on for sell prep.  Books will be sorted into four categories: giftable, sellable (art, history, big picture, etc.) final yard sale (boxed and in the garage or donated to church yard sale), and toss (water damage, etc.).  I have no idea what the local market is like for used books, and I don’t want to deal with shipping, so we’ll do this a little at a time.  Catherine (Grace’s mom) suggested selling them in big lots, which means categorizing them (gardening, crafts, home repair, health and fitness) and selling a bunch all together.  I really like that idea.

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Well, they just left, arms full of our stuff and excited at the prospects of helping us on our mission to live with so much less.  I feel lighter.  Even if we get no money for that load of stuff, at least it is out of the house and we are one step closer to our goal!

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