Working While Retired?

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While perusing the blogs and websites (such as this one from the Gone with the Wynns and this one from Workamper News) I’ve started wondering if it will be necessary to work once we retire and go full time RVing.

I’ve calculated a budget based on my military retirement and Mariel’s social security, and I think we won’t have to work. However, the budget is based off of a bunch of assumptions that I’m not totally sure about.  I have looked at other full timer’s budgets to get an idea of what they spend during a typical month. The problem is that the way a couple RV is a personal thing.

Some like to boondock (dry camp – camp in places with no or limited utilities) more often than not which drastically cuts back on the cost of each night’s stay.  It also cuts back on the convenience and comfort of that stay since you’re then limited in water, sewage, and electricity. Others like to stay in RV resorts which are more expensive and have more to give. And that is the rub… I expect campground fees to take up over 25% of our income.

There are three things that I think will give us an opportunity to figure out what we’ll have to do once we start the full time RV thing before we start panicking.

  1. I mentioned earlier the two extremes: boondocking and RV resorts.  However, there’s a middle ground of RV campsites (that aren’t all that expensive) and clubs that will give us discounts.
  2. If we help out with the Nomads (see my previous blog), we can stay at a campsite for a few weeks free while we do some volunteer work.
  3. I expect to (God and San Juan College willing) keep teaching online classes to bring in some extra moola.

And, if it’s necessary (and even if it isn’t) – there are plenty of good places to do part time work while staying in some pretty cool places!  And it will also keep us from getting too bored!

I can’t wait 🙂

2 thoughts on “Working While Retired?

  1. Some of the things we have found in this first year are:

    We don’t get bored, even when not working.

    Our budget doesn’t line up with what others have shared online.

    The only way to truly know what you will need for a budget is to track every penny you spend. We have been, and it is extremely helpful.

    Budgeting a personal allowance for each person is important.

    Working for a campsite is a job, not a career.

    Above all else, have fun! 🙂


  2. Stan and I have been on the road for over six years, as you have mentioned we volunteer in different places for our site, saving quite a bit in fees. We find the work keeps us from complete boredom and keeps us fit. I work as a consultant for a non-profit — working online, this helps me to be able to travel to see my parents and children from time to time.

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