Time for a Phone Change

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Well, both of our cell phones are dying…  We’ve only had them for one year and eleven months!  Didn’t stuff used to last longer?  Are we more apathetic about poor quality products now a days? Have we really become that much of a throw away society that we don’t need things to last long anymore – we’re okay with things crapping out on us?

Tough (and all rhetorical) questions to ponder.  But the truth remains that both of our phones are becoming more and more of a pain to use.  Hers has been dying for quite some time now with battery drain issues and my phone has recently been giving me “No SIM card” errors which requires a reboot to fix.  So regardless of the answers to the previous questions – its time to get new phones.

Unfortunately, we still have about 2-3 weeks left on the infamous 2-year contract before we can get them.

Verizon LogoAs you know, we’ll be selling everything in a couple years to start living on the road full time in a yet to be purchased motorhome. So having a phone that provides access in more places is our preference – and that seems to be what Verizon can provide.

It also turns out that given the discounts provided by Verizon if you get their “More Everything” plan with their “Verizon Edge” program, we can get two new Galaxy S6 phones for about $140/month for 2GB of shared data and unlimited text and calling.  That is more than the $105 we’re paying now due to the need to pay for the phones’ entire price over 24 months. But, there is no up front cost.

Verizon still has the opportunity to get a 2-year contract and buy the phones for cheaper price. We pay $500 for the phones up front and then our monthly bill would be $120 for 2GB of data. Paying for the phones right away would only save us $208 over two years.

If we bought the Galaxy S6 phones full retail price we’d have to pay $1200 up front and $90/month. This would give us slightly more savings of $228 over two years.

Another option is not to get the fancy new Galaxy S6, we could get one of the cheapest phones available. The Galaxy Core Prime is $168. Now we could pay for the phones outright – and the monthly bill would only be $90.  If we did that we’d save over $1092 over two years; but we’d have to pay $336 up front.

Or… we go with the Verizon Edge program on the cheapest phones and there would be no money up front and a monthly bill of $104. This would save us the exact same $1092 – but we’d be locked into Verizon until we paid off the phones (which is not a big concern of ours).

The only problem with these less expensive phones is that we wouldn’t be able to do the things with them that we now do with with phones we have.

Ahhh – my head is about to explode again!

2 thoughts on “Time for a Phone Change

  1. Phone service is very personal and does require some comparisons. While you may not need it now, when you are on the road you may find that you would prefer to have your own hot spot for wifi etc. So ask about what the anticipated costs would be to upgrade to this feature when you go on the road. Typically, another phone line and definitely more Gigs of data. Of course, it is difficult to know what changes will happen with cell phones in the next year. So good luck, hope this is helpful information.

    1. I did see that Verizon has a mifi jetpack that would add another $20 to the monthly bill…. And then we’d also have to bump up drastically the monthly data. Thanks for the insight.

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