How Not to Sell Your RV Online

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This blog has found another purpose!  When Shannon gets tired of hearing me grouse about something, he says “Sounds like a blog to me.  Why don’t you write about it!”  May be a relationship saver!

From someone who is spending as fair amount of time online looking at RVs for sale, here are some suggestions:

  • Take pictures.  And take pictures of the inside.  Even though I can tell from a one line description whether or not your coach fits my basic criteria, I want to see it, especially if you live in New Jersey and are expecting to hold my interest in New Mexico.  Also, I know that a lot of the interior details can be changed, but I’m not going to spend $100,000 on something that I’m going to want to remodel so I can live in it.
  • This is picky, I know, but try not to take flash pictures standing in front of a mirror. This should be self explanatory.  (I think a lot of Class As have too many mirrors, and I know it is to make them look bigger, but who uses mirror as back splash for sink and cook top?  Do you ever get it clean?  But that is another blog…)  And use your flash.  Can’t tell a whole lot about all of those dark shapes in a tunnel.
  • This is the biggie:  Clean it out!  There is a lot of difference between all of your stuff and staging, especially in such a small space.  I want to be able to imagine my stuff in those drawers and on those walls, and if all of those spaces are crammed full of your stuff, including the under coach bins, my sense is that there is not enough storage.  Peeve on a peeve: especially your stuff in the shower.
Crowded RV
Is this the RV of your dreams?

I saw a picture on RVTrader last week of a man standing in front of a for sale RV. Also in the picture were another family with 4 kids.  What am I to think? Was he just visiting these folks?  Or do all of them live in the RV together?

My point is this: Before you post your ad look at all of your information as though you are seeing it thru the eyes of your audience.  What are their impressions?  Does your add make them want to pick up the phone and ask you questions?  Or better yet, ask for your address so they can send you a check?

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