What to do about Church?

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Mariel and I just got back from our annual conference (which is the annual meeting of the governing body for all the Methodist Churches in New Mexico and Southwest Texas).  This is the place where all the clergy and lay leaders get together to make decisions for the governance of our churches (and we throw in some worship and fellowship at the same time). This was a bit timely, since one of those lingering thoughts I have is “how will we serve God” during our retirement.

While there we met with one of our previous pastors and she let us know that there is an organization within the United Methodist Church called “Nomads”. They schedule several three week service projects throughout the year in the United States along with disaster relief when that is necessary.

UMC Nomads Logo
UMC Nomads Logo

It seems like a fun and satisfying way to do God’s work.   From the website:

NOMADS are people who:
– are looking for retirement with a purpose
– enjoy traveling in an RV
– want to share their Christian faith
– enjoy using their skills in service to others

The organization sets up the projects and the RV accommodations;  the members (Nomads) then sign up for the projects.  Then they work 6 hour days in 4 day weeks for 3 weeks to get it done!

This is definitely something that we’ll be looking into and probably joining!

2 thoughts on “What to do about Church?

  1. That would be a worthy adventure. There have been Sunday mornings when I could not get to church so I watched a sermon on television. Sometimes I just say a prayer. Church is where you make it. It is however nice to meet with like minded folks at the church we regularly attend. Karen and I talked about it and plan to find local churches in those places we stay for extended periods. I’d take advantage of a group like you described in your post if they happened to be around.

    We have always selected a church based on the pastor. He must be biblical and wise. I was raised Presbyterian. We have attended all kinds of churches. Right now it is a Baptist Church. I joke with the pastor that I’m not swimming in their pool. I’ve already been baptized which does not save a person anyway. My grandfather was a minister for over 50 years and said there is only one church. Man cannot get along so they created a bunch of other ones.

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