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I talked earlier about giving away my CD collection to the Youth Group at church for them to use for a fundraiser.  I was worried about what to do with the empty shelves, (besides sell them, and then I have an empty wall) and thought that somehow they might bother me.  Turns out I like them!  They serve as a  constant reminder of our goal to be ready to walk out the door and into our new life in two years.

I have thought of another use for those shelves.  Shannon has started to stack some things we found that would be good Christmas/Birthday gifts on top of them.  I’m going to label each shelf with a name and use them to store these gifts. Each shelf will also have a list on it.  That way when I come across something that I want to gift rather than sell I will have a place to put it.  If I’m not done using it, it goes on the list.  Then we can go Christmas and birthday shopping from our shelves instead of Amazon! This will allow me to empty out my memory for more important things.

Organized Gifting Shelves
Organized Gifting Shelves

The second idea is regarding getting the house ready for sale.  I have established an order so we can actually empty one area at a time and do the work.  This means I can focus on selling or otherwise disposing of one room at a time, then we can do the repairs, then we can move the essentials (need it to live or work for the next two years) into the finished space.  I think this way we won’t feel like we’re living in a construction zone for the next two years.

I does remain to be seen how well this second plan will work, but I fell like this will make the “getting rid of stuff” part and the “getting the house ready to sell” part much more focused and more organized.

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  1. Nice to have the extra shelf space. Some of our empty shelves will be going to the consignment store to be used for display of our other junk we are going to sell. Figure we will rent a booth about a year or so from putting house on market.

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