Our First RV Accessory

He Said…

Well we just got our first accessory for the RV that we will be buying in two years! Just call us over achievers. It’s a grill.

New Grill
Inaugural use of new grill!

Actually my parents got it for us as a birthday present. Our last grill died long ago and we kept having to perform CPR on it for the last couple of summers just to be able to use it. We finally put it down this spring.

So I guess it’s not technically (or solely) an RV accessory; we will be using it while in the motorhome.

2 thoughts on “Our First RV Accessory

    1. Got it at Lowes for $99 – it’s a Master Forge #0618015. But it’s not as sturdy as my dad’s Weber which cost about $199. We don’t grill “that” much; so this one is good for us 🙂 We also like it because it uses a hose to connect to a 5 gallon propane tank instead of those little green tanks.

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