Too Much Time On My Hands…

She said…

Last week I committed to being a good patient, and promised Shannon I would stay in the chair as much as possible in order to heal faster.  I think he’s just really tired of doing dishes!  While I can get some of my real work done on the laptop, this has also resulted in me spending inordinate amounts of time on line.  This can be very dangerous.

On one of my websites I found a 2005 37′ Newmar with all of the furniture out of it for $69,000.  A blank canvas!  So I started looking at the RV Rehab sites.  And I started thinking: What if we could get a smokin’ deal on an older high end RV with low miles and good bones?  Then we could completely do the insides the way we want them.

So, I started researching industrial rubber flooring, and residential refrigerator upgrades, and alternative window coverings, and, and…

Then I recognized a pattern and I realized that this is what I do to Shannon all the time.

For years I have been asking Shannon to just cut a little hole in our kitchen wall that impedes traffic to the pantry.  I could never see what the big deal was, just get the sawzall and let ‘er rip, and he kept telling me there was probably much more to it than I imagined.

kitchen during
During…what we found under the tongue and groove.

Then one Sunday he said “Let’s go home and cut that hole in your wall.” Needless to say, I was thrilled.  Well, of course he was right; there were four electrical circuits running through that little section of wall.  We also decided to re-paint the floor and finish up some trim around the edges of the whole room. (Everything we do to this house opens up a can of worms.)  Our little project took over a month to complete and came in considerably over budget.

Kitchen Mini-Remodel Done
Kitchen Mini-Remodel Done

The end result is beautiful.  The whole room is bigger and brighter and is much better than I could have ever imagined.  This little project also increased the sellability of our house, plus we learned how to drywall, a skill we will continue to need as we finish our work on this house.  We also made wiring diagrams of the whole house, and we had fun doing it all. Well, I had fun being the “gofer” and mostly watching Shannon do it.  I can’t really speak for Shannon.

I know that I have all of these grand dreams and glorious visions, and Shannon has had to learn that most of the time I’m just talking, and it’s not his job in our relationship to turn every idea I have into reality just to make me happy.  If we got a rehab RV, I would have a wonderful time creating the living space of my dreams on paper and Shannon wouldn’t have much fun at all actually doing it.  Plus, we would probably never get it out of the driveway, which would completely defeat the purpose.

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