Plans vs. Reality

He Said…

It’s interesting to note that our plans for purchasing this new-to-us RV is progressing along the same lines as when we research getting a used car.  We do lots of research, we discuss the features we’d like, and we look at the various cars we’d like to get.  This is all good so far.

Some of the things we’ve looked at so far are (the green items are the “winner”):

RV Options
RV Options

However, when we get to the dealership, we typically buy the car that we can afford that they happen to have on the lot which is not any of the cars we researched.

The plans of mice and men probably make God laugh.

I’m expecting this to happen with the RV as well! When we’re ready to buy, we’ll go to the RV store and pick the best that meets our needs that we can afford.

Although that isn’t ideal, it is what it is. We can’t afford what we “want.”  So we need to find what we can live with.  Like Stacey, our RV dealer, said:

Find an RV that meets 80% of your wants and 20% of what you can live with.

Actually, we’ll likely go a step further.  A month or so before we’re ready to pay cash for the RV (because that is our goal), we’ll contact the dealer and give him our wants.  Hopefully, they’ll do the shopping for us and find something that we will be happy with. Then when we show up – they’ll have the best RV for us.

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  1. Great plan! You may want to go TWO months early and tell them you’ll be back in a month. Then, if they haven’t put their best effort into it, tell them “try again”. Just a thought…


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