Campground Clubs to Electrical Systems

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I’m like a student that doesn’t know how to research. I start with one topic (campground clubs) and end up researching something totally different: 30 vs. 50 amp electrical systems!

Spent some time the last few days looking at the different RV park clubs and their apps (if I could find them) to see which clubs would be better for our needs. So we randomly picked a spot that we’d be staying near for a while – Ojai, CA – to see what the campgrounds would look like and the costs, etc.

Then we went off on a tangent from looking at the RV clubs to looking at the county campgrounds. This, in turn, got us looking at the reviews of the campgrounds. And, as usual, there are good and bad reviews of most campgrounds; but, one area I started focusing on was the electrical outlets available (not only in the reviews – but also in the cost of the various services).

And then I came to the realization that I didn’t fully understand the major difference between 30 and 50 amp systems.  So off to to learn something.  Very useful information in an easy to read format can be found there, and since I knew the basics of electrical power, it was a quick read for me.

All of this led me to start a list of things that we’ll likely need that might not come with the motorhome we end up buying.  Things like 50-30 amp, 50-15 amp, and surge/voltage protection power cables (assuming of course our RV has the 50 amp system).

Some of this “preparation stuff” is kinda fun; I guess I’m a geek in that I like to learn new things.

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