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As usual, Mariel wants to be healed from her foot surgery NOW not two months from now!  She is getting antsy since all she can do right now is sit in the lounge chair ALL day.  It has also turned into her bed, and to help out and be close by, I am now sleeping on the couch next to her.  We both miss our nice comfy king size bed that is up too many stairs for her to get to.

It looks relaxing...but gets boring.
It looks relaxing…but gets boring.

That got me thinking today, how comfortable is RV furniture?  During our trip to Albuquerque the other day we noticed that much of it doesn’t seem very comfortable at all. As a matter of fact, my brother-in-law removed two leatherish lounge chairs from his brand new 5th wheel and replaced them with a regular full-size recliner from his living room since the lounge chairs were practically useless.

I know this is a minor concern since it can all be replaced with some effort. And Mariel has even found a couple places that will do custom work and remodel the RV for us if we want it changed. But I’d rather forgo the added expense of that.

Kinda worried that RV furniture won't be comfy
We miss our bed!

I’m thinking we might just do what we did with our current bed.  Originally, we planned on getting a Tempur-Pedic bed but found the price was out of our reach at about $2700.  It was an extremely comfortable bed, but we just couldn’t get that kind of money at the time (and we don’t do credit).  So we took a step down bought a 13″ thick memory foam mattress from Sam’s Club for a few hundred dollars instead. So, if needed, we should be able to get a nice mattress for our RV bed relatively inexpensively.

I know living in the RV will take some adjustment (maybe a lot of adjustment) in our lifestyle; but I’m hoping our standard of comfort isn’t one of them!

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  1. We are going to move our sleep number mattress to the 5th wheel once we get it. Lots of others do the same thing. Part of the research as to what rig to buy includes, to some degree, the furniture that is used.

  2. You haven’t made your purchase yet, I suggest you go out to RV shows and check out furniture options. I know I would never go with a bench style dining area again. As or the mattress, you can move up to a sleep number some day, but you can always buy the same model you bought for home. Individual tastes vary. I tossed my two large rocker/recliner style chairs, too big for my needs. We put in a desk. I hate my couch, pull out double bed, will replace that one soon there are lots of options out there.

    1. I agree with the bench style table we don’t like that. Our 5th wheel had a table and free standing chairs and loved that.

      I saw someone online who bought an RV with bunk beds – they took out the beds and made it an office – that seemed like a neat idea.

  3. We purchased a Sleep Number for our rig and love it. We had a bigger one in our house also. As far as the rig, Shannon…if you buy new, order it without furniture. You will save the cost of the furniture, and you won’t have to try to sell it later. We have residential furniture in our rig and love it.


    1. One or two of the RVs we saw the other day actually came with sleep number beds. I thought that was interesting…

      Good idea on ordering it without furniture; but we’re looking for used – don’t want to pay new prices 🙂

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