Anthropomorphization Station

She said…

Silly, I know, but we also talk for the “kids” – our two dogs (Pi and Maybe) and three cats (Tasha, Elsie, and Suma).  All of them have a lot of very intelligent, worthwhile and funny things to say.  Meet Maybe (aka “Piglet”).

So, Mom came home today with a big white thing on her foot and two extra sticks for legs.  She should be able to run much faster now that she has the correct number of appendages!

Dog is my co-pilot.
Dog is my co-pilot.

Dog is Our Co-Pilot
Carpool lane, anyone?

Oo, oo, oo . . . I’m goin’ on the world’s biggest roadtrip!

Mom's even teaching me to drive!
Mom’s even teaching me to drive!

Tasha and Elsie think it’s stupid that we make the dog talk.  Everyone knows dogs are stupid and illiterate!

3 thoughts on “Anthropomorphization Station

  1. We love your sense of humor and your four legged kids. Jake is our four legged kid. I retire in 8 months and 27 days. So we beat you into retirement and full timing, but really want to connect as soon as we can! Russ and Kay.

    1. Hi Russ and Kay,
      We have a standing invite for folks to come and dock in our driveway while we still have it! It has great views! Please come see us if you are in the 4 corners.

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