So Much to Learn

He Said…

I’m an retired nuclear engineer from the US Navy submarine force, so I know what it is like to have to learn a whole lot of stuff! I actually had to learn to operate, maintain, (and even harder) understand five different power plants throughout my 20+ year career. For me it never seemed to get easier; sure, the theory was the same, but all the systems were a bit different and definitely a lot of the parameters were different as well.  That was the worst part for me when being transferred from one station to the next.

Submarine from Gibralter
Can you see the submarine at the pier in the distance? This is taken on the cable car headed to the top of Gibraltar back in 2001.

Moving was actually easy as was living on the submarine; I never owned a lot of stuff, so I don’t seem to be having the same troubles that Mariel is having in that area.  My problem is the unknown (my ignorance of this next life of ours).  The more I read about it from blogs and websites, the more I find that I don’t know.  That’s a backwards way of thinking about it…

the more research I do, the less I know.

I’m glad I have a few months to try to get it sorted out!  Which “clubs” do I join? Escapees, Passport America, Thousand Trails, Good Sams?  Well, the answer seems to be “it depends.”  Depends on what?  How we’ll be travelling, I think.

Okay, how will we travel?  Won’t know until we start. I read that many/most start full bore trying to see everything and be everywhere all at once.  That was my initial thought. Leave here, head to Alaska, and end up in the Keys in one year. But is that really how we’ll travel? I have no clue…  So how am I to know which membership to get?

There are other things I’m trying to figure out too. Should we get a combined washer/dryer or a stacked washer and dryer set – or none at all?  Is it really necessary to get a diesel pusher?  We think so.  Do we get a Tiffin? Winnebago? Fleetwood?


I think my head just exploded.

3 thoughts on “So Much to Learn

  1. Yes on Passport America. You will definitely find that it saves you money. Good Sam is great in that you save at Camping World, and you will probably use them a LOT the first year. It is my understanding that combo washer/dryers take forever. We are laundromatters, but we will get a stackable, should we choose to have an in-rig laundry.

    Oh, and Alaska to the Keys? Yikes! You will be retired….take it sloooow! 🙂


    1. Thanks for the suggestions; what about the Thousand Trails deal? I know it’s a personal decision – but I’m trying to get input from lots of folks.

      Oh – and yeah – we won’t be doing that Alaska to the Keys trip 🙂 Unless we fly.

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