Hiatus from Prep

She said…

It’s Sunday evening.  Tomorrow I am going in for a foot surgery that will lay me up completely for a week and keep me out from behind the wheel for 2 whole months. Shannon is teaching on-line so won’t be going in to the college.  He says he will take me anywhere I want (or was that need?) to go for the next two months.  Such a good and generous man!  I will endeavor to be a good patient.

Mariel's Right Foot
No walking on this foot… for a while anyway.

As I look around the house I can already see a difference.  CD cabinets are almost empty.  Today was Shannon’s mother’s birthday and instead of buying her a gift we all fixed dinner and I gave her some of my cactus and succulents, and one plant the cat was eating, all planted in nice stoneware crocks.  Seems I go through some minor separation anxiety every time I find a new home for some of my stuff.  This time I was thinking about how much those crocks would bring at a garage sale. Not my proudest moment.  Glad I got over that one quickly!  Shannon and I seem to take turns worrying about money. . .this must be my week!  As long as we take turns stressing we’ll be fine.

My next project is books.  Our whole loft is lined with bookshelves, and that is the first area I want to tackle for minor repairs.  Some of the big art books, crafts books, and coffee table books I’m thinking we can sell.  Most of the rest will be donated somewhere.  Since the advent of electronic media, there is not much market for used fiction.

So, now I have the opportunity to make a conscious choice.  I think instead of worrying about all the stuff I’m not getting done, I will revel in the opportunity to actually take a week off and do nothing!

2 thoughts on “Hiatus from Prep

  1. Hay, take the week off, its okay.

    I’m trying to make sure the trash can is always full the day the trash company picks it up. Also not buying anything that will not fit in an RV is helping the wallet.

    1. We’re telling people to stop gifting us for Christmas and birthdays. Told Shannon’s mom we needed an rv sized gas bbq next Christmas.
      Crutches are a younger woman’s game. I’m getting a scooter tomorrow. Should have some of my zip back.

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