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About five to seven years ago, (we can’t agree on when it actually was and it’s not really important), Shannon and I went through Financial Peace University.  It was by far the best and most important thing we could have done for our life together. Since then we have taught three classes at our church, and right now I have three friends I’m coaching through it, so we keep our hand in as well as living what we teach.

I am also the Financial Secretary at our church.  Some there call me the “money nazi” because I believe that the church should live by the same financial principles that we teach our members to observe. In a time when most of the churches in our area are suffering as a result of the turn down in the local economy, we continue to operate in the black and are able to fund the work that God calls us to do.

People that I work with and teach think it’s funny when I say that one of the best gifts Shannon has ever given me is our budget spread sheet.  He is very geeky in Excel, and he even made it purple so it would be fun for me to look at.  It is one of the most important tools I have in managing our financial lives.  So when I was feeling overwhelmed about the number of things we have to do with this house to get it ready to sell I asked him to make me a simple spread sheet, which he did in short order.  I now have a way to see all of the projects organized by room, from big to small, estimated cost, scheduled to do date.

House Repair Spreadsheet
House Repair Spreadsheet

We’ve only been at this for about a month now, this getting ready part.  Already I can see a change.  My surroundings are looking less cluttered.  I have a flow chart and a concrete plan for the work I need to do today to achieve this goal.   I try to do something each day to get me closer to the dream.  That is what is keeping me grounded and in the present.  It has to be about the journey as well as the destination.

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  1. Us list makers do better with a list!! Spent a lot of years in college to study financial stuff and have to say Dave Ramsey is the most clear and understandable person out there to explain personal finances. And he is a big time Christian.

    I have a list also for major home repairs and it is helping. Karen and I are experiencing some of the benefits of planning for a full time in an RV. We don’ t buy any costly items that will not fit in the rig or have use while on the road. And, for me, I don’t care about being promoted at work so now I can focus on the important stuff, like doing my job.

    God Bless. Keep at it. Your schedule to go fulltime is ahead of ours so we will be watching how you handle it.

    1. Even though we have to stay in the house for another two years so I can keep working, I don’t see why we need more to live here than we would on the road. Added convenience of the dog yard, of course. My goal is to have everything done so that on the day we put the house on the market the only thing we will still have to deal with is my shop benches and tools. And the bed. I may already have a buyer for my tools and benches – an old friend from SantaFe called me from out of the blue two weeks ago and said he would be interested. It’s things like that that let me know that God wants us out there for some reason. He keeps on removing the boulders from the river!

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