Selling the House Preparations

He Said…

Since Mariel and I had some concerns (each different from the other’s) concerning what we’d need to do to the house to get it ready to sell, we asked a realtor friend to come check it out. Thankfully, she was kind enough to do this.

Our House
Our House

Now we have a much better idea on what we need to do in the next couple years to get the house on the market.  Some of the things I thought needed to be fixed are unnecessary and some of the things Mariel thought could be ignored can’t be.  As usual, the truth lies somewhere between the extremes!

I’m glad we looked into this early enough, now we have two years to save up the money for some of the expenses!  At least I’ll have something to do over the next while.

2 thoughts on “Selling the House Preparations

  1. We were told to get rid of the bright brass fixtures and replace them with satin nickel. We did that, and we got three offers on the first day. We also rent a storage room and clean out half of the clutter. Minimalize the furniture and remove all pictures from the wall that personalize the place. It works!

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