Out Our Front Window

He Said…

Yesterday, as I write this, we had this out our front window…

Front Yard Deer
Deer wants our yucca flowers

I think she was trying to get to  flowers that are starting to bloom on the yucca plants. They must be a deer delicacy because for the last two years our yucca flowers have been munched the day they bloom! This year we prepared and set up a fence around them once we saw the buds. Just in the nick of time it looks like too.

I called Mariel over and we had a staring contest with the deer. We won. And in retaliation the deer started eating one of our little trees! So, I ran out the door to shoe it away.

We love our deer as they pass through our property. The key words are “pass through”. We seem to be part of a deer highway between their home and the river and grazing area. Which means we get to see them relatively often.

Occasionally, they get up close and sleep in the yard… Or use it as a commode… Or use it as a snack food machine (bye bye flowers). So, like anything, too much of a good thing becomes an annoyance.

Going full time RVing, we will not worry so much about trying to protect “our” land and gardens which means they’ll be less of a nuisance. And I’m looking forward to being able to view other forms of wildlife in their more natural setting…not just deer eating our plants in our yard!

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