My Major Worry Before We Full Time It

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Many things in preparing and planning for our future new life just roll off my back like the proverbial water off a duck’s back.  One thing does haunt me a little and that is the future hassle of selling our house.

As Mariel mentioned in her previous post, our house has “character.”  I’m more of a pessimist and think that what we think is interesting might drive buyers away.

First off, it isn’t really a “normal” house – it is a two story log cabin with a later addition that isn’t logs. Not only a log house, but it seems to have been a do-it-yourself log cabin. There are MANY places that just don’t make sense when you look at how the different walls come together structurally.  Sure, it seems to have worked since the house is now over 25 years old; but still they sure are odd.

So, not only do we have the problems of “normal” houses – we have the additional problems of living in a “log” house and a house built not by professionals (at least that’s what it seems like).

Like Mariel said though, we’ve been working on it.  A few years back we even had the roof’s pro-panels removed and then shingled. Unfortunately, the company did a #$%@&*#$ job of it.  After their work, which was so lousy I refused to call them to fix their mistakes, I had to try to fix the leaky skylights (3 out of 4 of them leaked).

Roof Skylights
Roof Skylights

I was able to fix 2 of the 3 skylights; but the third was beyond me. Finally, we got another roofing company to come fix that last skylight leak.  Well, yesterday it rained, and that leaky skylight didn’t leak! Yahoo.  But wait, one of the other “fixed” skylights was leaking. Oh great!

So, now we’ve decided to get the roofing folks out to fix the other three skylights – even though just one is currently leaking.  At least I’ll feel comfortable selling the house and will be able to look the people in the eye knowing that their roof shouldn’t leak anymore.

That’s just one of the places (the skylights that is) that’s been a nightmare for me. Their are other parts of the house that I think need fixed; but, as Mariel mentions, maybe they just add character and don’t need fixed after all.  Who knows?  Maybe our realtor friend can help out 🙂

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  1. Shannon and Mariel, the house certainly sounds interesting. Don’t know what housing market is like in your area, but if people are looking for homes at the right price, you might be surprised at the results. I think the first thing to do is to stop worrying and begin getting the house ready for sale. Accentuate the positive!

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