Envious of Sister & Husband

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My sister and brother-in-law just bought a brand new 31 foot Prowler 5th Wheel and I’m jealous of them!

31' Prowler 5th Wheel
They got a 5th wheel similar to this!

The week before they got this we went and checked out an RV store that didn’t have motor homes. Mariel (my better half) and I were let down a little by this because that is what we want to get (a Class A Diesel Pusher). But, since we were there, we decided to check out what the 5th wheels look like now (we used to own a 1995 5th wheel made in Canada a few years back).

It is definitely interesting to see what is now available that was NOT available on our ’95 RV. It was also interesting to see the prices of the various 5th wheels and comparing that to what we are looking to spend on a motor home.

Not a week after that trip, they bought their new 5th wheel and I was a bit envious. Then I thought about a couple different things that removed that jealousy and envy from me.

  1. I’m retired and my brother-in-law isn’t.  It’s a work RV for him and I’m planning on taking our motor home on a super long vacation.
  2. It’s a 5th wheel they bought. I learned the hard way that I don’t like pulling or, more appropriately, backing up in a 5th wheel.

So, although I’m happy for them for their new working 5th wheel, I’m no longer jealous that they have an RV and I don’t.  We’re preparing to get our new home on wheels in a couple years or so and I’ll just be dreamin’ of it until then.

2 thoughts on “Envious of Sister & Husband

  1. We decided on a fifth wheel as we planned to be parked a lot more than we plan to drive. Our plan calls for longer stays. Thinking long term that we will be fulltime for years, but only time will tell.

    1. I’m hoping to do shorter stays at more places (I’m not exactly sure what Mariel is thinking about this topic yet). But, after owning our earlier 5th wheel for a few years, I know I suck at driving with those behind me (I actually shattered the back window of one of our trucks once while backing up and getting myself jack-knifed).

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