Stuff 2 – Addendum

She said…

Regarding the dreaded final garage sale…I found out this week that FaceBook has a “yard sale” section, and several people I know have done quite well selling things there.  Since I don’t like FaceBook, or being on FaceBook, I have asked the daughter of a friend who does like FaceBook if she would like to sell my stuff for a commission.  The process will be more gradual, will help someone else, and I think be far less emotionally taxing in the end.


Since so much of this journey is about de-cluttering and simplifying our lives, I am excited at the prospect of getting a little closer every week.

Goal: The day we put this house on the market we will walk out of here with just enough in our possession for one small storage locker and one RV.

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  1. Read where people advertise the sale on Craigslist. Also read a blog where they rented a storage building, move stuff in and later have the sale at the storage building. Have a pile of “free stuff” shoppers can take is a good way to get rid of stuff at the sale.

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