Stuff 2 – Beginning the Purge

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I have been reading lots of blogs on getting rid of stuff, and I have a few insights.  I like the idea of doing it in stages, and to do that we are starting 22 months ahead of launch date.  Seems like a lot of time right now, but I’m sure that my perspective will change.

I started with CDs.  I had a collection of about 600, wide ranging in musical style. I am hopelessly attached to liner notes and cover art, but I know this is something I will get over.  Since Shannon put all of my music on a cloud somewhere (?) I still technically have the music (?) so I can’t resell it.  I talked with the youth director at our church about donating it for a fundraiser.  They are working on a program to put it in the back of the sanctuary, 20 or so at a time, and taking donations for them.  Proceeds will go to camp scholarships and mission trips.  Good repurposing.

Almost half way through boxing this one up!
Almost half way through boxing this one up!

Clothes.  A friend of mine runs a consignment store which takes only clean, ironed, unstained clothing.  She only takes 5 pieces per week from each consignee. She also has seasonal requirements and at the end of each season she donates unsold clothing to charity.  I keep the list of what she accepts and when she accepts it taped to the closet wall.  I have started going through my closet and all of the plastic bins where I keep all of the nice clothes I will be able to wear again once I lose that pesky weight.  I am cultivating the habit of finding 5 articles of clothing each week to take in.  Also, I am disciplining myself to take the money from anything I sell and put it in our emergency fund.

As this gets harder I am trying to visualize the amount of closet space I will have.  I have made a section in my closet for the things I definitely want to keep, and the rest is on the chopping block.  This way I am not agonizing over every article of clothing I own.

Art.  I have a lot. And while I know that I will be able to take a few small pieces with me, I won’t be in a position to rotate the offerings on my walls, so I need to find homes for it.  I had a lovely Riva Wolf print in my office at the church that reminded me of a friend who has very bare walls in her office at work.  I asked her if she would like to have it (I think it is important to get permission to gift your stuff as nobody should feel obliged to take it).  She was thrilled and I was blessed to be able to share it with someone I love.

I probably have more art, pots, and rugs than I have friends, so I have planned to find someone to act as my agent for an estate sale.  I hate garage sales, but I can’t see how I’m going to avoid having a big one at the end, so I have started boxing books and other household items so that we will be more organized when the time comes.

And then there’s the house, which is such a complex issue that it deserves its own post!

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  1. I found the whole process of moving into the RV full-time an emotional rollercoaster. We still have two storage units full of stuff and I have no regrets not getting rid of everything. Perhaps I find it comforting to hold onto some of my favorite pieces of art and other special knick-knacks. Best of luck on your journey and I commend you for allowing yourself time to transition.

    1. Hi Ingrid, thank you so much for your encouraging words. Your blog is beautiful! I got so excited I went and cleaned out two drawers and a cupboard!

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