Great website find for Full Time RVing

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My wife mentioned briefly in one of her posts that I’ve been researching this whole “Full Time RVing” idea by viewing blogs and websites.  One site that I’ve found is by Howard and Linda Payne.

That site has a ton of information that I’ll definitely be perusing over the next several months. One thing I really like about it is a comment on one of their pages that goes something like

Never rely on a single source of information as there is no right way to full-time.

As a somewhat logically organized fact driven kind of guy – this resonates with me. And when someone tells me “Here’s what I think; but don’t just rely on me – go check it out yourself!” I like it!

The site also has a forum which seems pretty active where lots of people are helping each other.  It seems that another of their quotes is pretty valid as well:

RVers are the finest people in the world and they will help you along the way.

And now I’m going to have a harder time waiting for our day to come when we can head out into the world and join those RVers!

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