What About Our Church?

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One of my concerns, once we start our full time travelling, is about our church. I (or more appropriately… we) will miss it.

This is the same church that I was baptized into (as was my mother, sister, and niece, uncles and cousins) and the same church where I was married (as was my sister, parents, uncles, cousins, and grandparents). Suffice it to say that our family has a history here.

Aztec United Methodist Church
Aztec United Methodist Church

I was also once the youth director here for a few years and am currently one of the Sunday school leaders. My wife is currently the worship director, treasurer, and all round go to person here. So, it’s not only a historical connection; we are fully integrated into the church life with many friends and family here. And we’re planning on leaving it.

Although we may be leaving it physically for a while; it will still be our home church. Despite that, I am looking forward to visiting so many other churches and spending time with my extended church family. Those will be some glorious Sundays!

2 thoughts on “What About Our Church?

  1. I have always sung in a choir, planned choir music for our Vigil service and thought I would miss these activities. What I have found are some lovely new churches in great communities. I usually find my way into the choir and have been blessed to meet lovely people with whom I keep in touch.

  2. We have thought about the same thing. We base our choice of churches off the minister. He/She must at the very least be biblical in their teachings. Figure we will come upon some great churches in our travels. We can have a relationship with God anywhere. I might run this topic by our minister next Sunday.

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