22 Months! Seriously?

She Said…

So as long as I was thinking about this endeavor as something happening in the next two to three years, I was fine.  Then Shannon texts me yesterday to look at what he’s done to the site.  The first (only) thing that jumps out at me is the countdown clock with my birthday 2017, and his (presumed) intention to be rolling out the driveway on our first day as full-time RVers that morning!

Now, I realize that Shannon could pack up his computer, tablet, phone, the cats, grab me by the hand and head out the door without a second thought.  I, on the other hand, immediately started worrying about how the upcoming election in 2016 would impact the energy sector and the business climate in the Four Corners and corresponding property values and when we should put the house on the market to achieve maximum positive marketability and when should I inform my business associates that I am retiring and when should I give notice at my various jobs and what are we going to do with all those books and should we rent a storage locker or try to have an estate sale and when and do I have time to lose enough weight to look good in  a swimsuit just in case we go to the Florida Keys because what if what if what if yada, yada, yada.


OK, he changed it to my “official retirement date” and it’s all better now.

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