Crazy Internet Window Shopper

He Said…

It turns out that I’ve created a monster!  Ever since I suggested we go full time RVing in a couple years my wife, Mariel, has gone a bit coo coo with her window shopping.

Not a day goes by without her jumping on the Internet scouring the sites looking at various Class A Motor-homes  (those that look a bit like a big bus).  She goes to and fro through several sites looking at all the new and used RVs.  That in itself isn’t necessarily the crazy part.

Since our computer locations in our office put us back to back I can’t really see what she’s looking at. So, she is trying to be nice to me (I assume) by letting me know what she finds.  She keeps up a running dialogue discussing all facets of each RV she sees and site she browses. And it doesn’t seem to end.

The crazy part comes in her interaction with me.  Since our backs are to each other while we are on our respective computers – she can’t really see me not listening to her.  Oh sure, I can hear her… but it’s kinda like a distant thunder that one learns to ignore in a rain storm.  Why is this crazy you ask?  Because she knows she rambles and she knows I’m not listening.

Now don’t get me wrong – it’s not a mean thing I’m saying here – I love that she is excited.  Every once in a while I hear “Oooh. Oooh!” and smile to myself because she’s having fun. That’s my wife and I love that she is so excited.

And because of her, truth be told, we have both learned a lot about the various styles and features of these RVs. So when we do go buy our next home – it will be due to her efforts that we will get just the right one.

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