Won’t We Be Bored?

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One of my concerns about going full time RVing is the boredom factor.  Many people are, or consider themselves to be, workaholics.  And when you retire – you can get so bored you go nutso. Even lazy people like me!

Sleepy and Bored Tasha
Sleepy and / or Bored Tasha

After I retired from the Navy back in 2002 (seems like yesterday and it doesn’t help that I still dream about it) I instantly went into retirement mode.  I did absolutely nothing outside of the house… no work… no volunteering… nothing except eat, breathe, and sleep (and watch TV, play games, and read while not eating or sleeping).  That lasted for just about a year – then boredom kicked in.

So, I joined the Masons and a few years later became the Worshipful Master of the lodge. Some of my fellow brothers in the lodge were associated with our local museum and they talked me into becoming a member of the board of directors (and ultimately the president of the board for a short time).  From there I ended up becoming a member of the board of directors for our city’s chamber of commerce (and ended up acting as treasurer there).

While joining those boards and the Masonic lodge, I also became a Christian. So, I rejoined the church where I was baptized as an infant. I was talked into helping with youth of the church and ultimately became a paid youth director there.  It is also where I met my future wife, Mariel, and where we got married – but that’s a story for a different time.

About the same time as all of that started – I also joined San Juan College as an adjunct instructor – and am still teaching there. And, for a short four year stint, I became a pizza delivery expert for Domino’s Pizza.

Basically, I overwhelmed myself with too much to do following my boredom of doing nothing.  Eventually, I narrowed it down to a happy medium.  I teach at the college and I help out a little bit at the church.

So how will I feel once we sell the house and get out on the road?  Hopefully not too bored.  We now have this blog to work on and I have a fun (to me) hobby doing genealogical research.

My concern is – how will Mariel do?  She’s the workaholic/volunteerholic!

2 thoughts on “Won’t We Be Bored?

  1. First I want to thank you for following our blog. I read your recent posts. We have hit our 6th year of full-timing. We walked away from our home in the housing bust, so we didn’t think about what to take or what to leave behind. We just sold what we could, gave away what folks would take and left the rest behind. I miss my children, my grand-child and my parents. I travel back to CA when I need to connect with the family or when mom or dad are ill.
    We are seldom bored because we volunteer or workamp to spend a season in a particular area, we fish, hike, and participate in local events. It is an awesome way of life, there will be a time to stop moving, just don’t know when or where. Good luck, look forward to your posts.

  2. I traveled to the East, Belton Lodge 450. Yet another thing in common. We plan on at least volunteering for a spot and hope that will knock out any boredom. Think I spelled that word right as I don’t recall having ever typed it before.

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