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One of Shannon’s new habits is to go online and read the blogs of people who are full-time RVers.  He has suggested that we start our own blog and talk about where we go and what we see.  I find this interesting coming from a man who does not journal and can’t even be convinced to fill in the blanks in study books!  I also do not journal and have never been able to keep any kind of diary for more than a couple of days.

But, the more I ponder this potentially drastic lifestyle change, the more I am sensing the need to start writing now.  We are two to three years away from launch, and I feel that the journey from here to there bears some attention.

People close to me have often said that my life has been so interesting that I should write a book.  Well, short of being unable to organize it from front to back, I’m not convinced that anybody would be interested in slogging through a chronology of my time on the planet.  Where, I believe, my past exploits have relevance is in relation to today; how being there got me to here, or how doing the things I did taught me the lessons I need to be living here now.

Canoeing the Arctic
Mariel Canoeing the Arctic

When I was in college, I was privileged to be part of a canoe expedition to the Arctic Barrens.  There were 24 of us in Grumman canoes rowing the 1800 miles from Baker Lake to Hudson Bay.  A friend of mine on the trip was a photographer and we decided to collaborate on a photo essay of the journey.  We compiled a beautiful coffee table book of his photographs and my musings.  But one of my strongest memories of that trip is of him taking pictures of the rest of us doing the adventure. 

So, why a blog, and why start now?  Because I seem to be overflowing with things to say about this part of the journey, the getting ready.

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