Where’s My Home?

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I’ve spent over 80% of my life in or associated with the military – for those not in the know, that means I moved a LOT.

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I started off as a military brat (my dad retired from the US Air Force) which meant that we moved when he was transferred.  So, during my formative years, I lived in six different places (including Germany) and attended seven schools before I left “home”.

Then I up and joined the US Navy as a nuclear engineer on submarines. While in the Navy, as is typical, I transferred from station to station causing me to have eleven more “homes.” After I retired 20+ years later, I figured I was done moving.

I went back to the area of my sister and folks.  While in my hometown I actually lived in two different places: a mobile home near my folks and, finally, with my wife, Mariel, whom I met and married after my retirement.

I married into the house since Mariel already owned it. At this point I decided that I was done – my new “home” is where I would die.  No – I don’t mean that I’d commit suicide; I meant that I was done moving.

Twelve years later something has happened; I now think that it would be neat to travel full time.

So where is my home?  Wherever Mariel is!  Even in an RV wandering about North America. So, go figure, I guess I’m not done after all.

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  1. For retired military the Tumbleweed blog is the best I’ve found in terms of reviews and stays at military post RV spots. Jim retired from the Air Force and his wife, Dee, is a wealth of information. FYI

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