Just When I Was Feeling Comfortable

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My name is Mariel Lynch.  I am 64 years old.  I am very happily married to my husband Shannon who is 11 years my junior.  Statistically, conveniently, we figure it likely that we will leave the planet at about the same time.  We have no children.  We have a lovely home in Northern New Mexico, close to Shannon’s family.  Shannon is retired from the military, and teaches part-time at the local college.  I have my own business and two part-time jobs at our church.  I spend much of my spare time on my knees in the dirt encouraging things to grow.  As you can see, our lives are busy and full.

Our House
Our House

So when Shannon, usually the sensible one, approached me a couple of months ago with a wild scheme to sell everything we own, buy a Class A RV and hit the road full-time, safe to say it rocked my world!

Ok, a little background.  When I was in my 20s I sold everything I owned to go to England for a year, so I have history.  But I was young, unstable, uncommitted, untethered, and irresponsible.  Now it is different; bigger in so many ways.  I’m older, sober, active, happy, involved in my church and in my community, and, though childless, I am strongly connected to family.  I love my husband, love my home, love my life. Do I have another grand adventure in me?  Do I even want one?

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  1. Okay, you all already have my interest. Karen and I have a lot in common with you beyond the dream to sell out and travel in an RV. She is older by eight years (I’m 52). I was in the Army National Guard- but not retired from it, owned a small business so I can appreciate that also. Our favorite past time is maintaining our gardens.

    Church is important to us. We missed last Sunday but I watched a couple church shows on TV to get my fix. We hope to find some fantastic churches along the way while traveling.

    Shannon followed our blog today and I think I’ll do the same and hope to learn from you. I’m hoping Karen gets the bug to blog and starts posting a few pages. She may research her points of interest and have me add her comments.

    Mark from Missouri

    1. Hi Mark! Hi Karen! Very nice to meet you both. Sounds like we may be able to learn a lot from each other as we prep for the journey. Sounds like you and Shannon are kindred spirits!

      PS Sorry for the double reply. . .still learning!

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